BioThreat Alert® (BTA) Sample Collection Kit

The BioThreat Alert® (BTA) Sample Collection Kit contains additional supplies to prepare samples for BTA Strips. Samples to be tested on BTA strips must first be mixed or diluted into the sample buffer provided in the kit. The Sample Collection Kit allows for up to 25 extra samples to be collected. The materials provided in this kit are not intended for use in diagnostic specimen collection or for use on human samples.

Our Sample Collection Kit includes extra sample collection materials for use with the BioThreat Alert® Immunoassay Test Strips.

The Sample Collection Kit includes:
Singleplex Buffer x 3
Sample Collection Vials x 25
Alcohol Pads x 25
Scissors x 3
Tweezers x 3
Scoops x 5
Cotton Tipped Swabs x 25
Fine-tip Permanent Marker x 1

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