Bot Tox BioThreat Alert® Kit

The Bot Tox BioThreat Alert® (BTA) Test Strip is a hand-held lateral flow assay for the biological identification of Botulinum Toxin A & B, which is the causative agent for Botulism. It is intended for use in the field or laboratory to perform rapid analysis of Botulinum Toxin A or B contained in environmental and food samples. Results are available after a fifteen-minute incubation period after loading the strip with a sample. It is compatible with optional Tetracore LFA readers for non-visual analysis and data collection. This BTA Kit contains materials for the collection of five samples. Each sample collected can be used to dose up to five BTA Strips. Extra material can be acquired by purchasing the Sample Collection Kit. This assay is also compatible with Collect to Test (C2T) swabs. The Bot Tox BioThreat Alert® Test Strip is not a clinical diagnostic device. Do not open the pouch until ready to use.

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