The Abrin ELISA Kit is a sandwich immunoassay for the detection and identification of the biological agent, Abrin toxin, produced by the tropical plant Abrus precatorius. The kit is intended for laboratory analysis and quantification of Abrin toxin contained in environmental and food samples.  This ELISA kit contains materials to perform an ELISA in multiple formats (see below). The Abrin ELISA kit is not a clinical diagnostic device.

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Pre-coated (+/-) is supplied as a pre-coated ELISA plate with positive and negative capture antibodies in alternating rows. Adjusted results can be calculated by subtracting the negative capture from the positive capture results.  This is the preferred method for complex sample matrices.

Pre-coated (+ only) is supplied as a pre-coated ELISA plate with only positive capture antibody.

Non-coated (+/-) and (+ only) are supplied with a non-coated ELISA plate, and the positive and negative, or positive (+ only) capture antibodies in individual tubes.

Catalog# TC-4064-001: Abrin MONO CAPTURE - Non-Coated (+ only)


Kit Components supplied:

  • ELISA plate (pre-coated or non-coated): 1 plate for (+ only) / 2 plates for (+/-)
  • Detector
  • Conjugate
  • 1 packet 10 g skim milk
  • 1 vial substrate (+ only) / 2 vials (+/- format)
  • Positive/Negative Capture: Non-coated

Kit Components not supplied:

  • Filter-sterilized PBS, pH 7.4
  • Tween 20
  • Abrin positive control
  • Automated ELISA plate washer (optional)
  • Automatic ELISA plate reader (optional)
  • 37oC incubator

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Non-Coated (+ only), Non-Coated (+/-), Pre-Coated (+ only), Pre-Coated (+/-)


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