FlexImmArray™ Filovirus Human IgG Antibody Test (RUO)

For the detection of Human IgG against eight different Filoviruses after exposure or vaccination.

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This multiplex assay uses eight different recombinant glycoprotein antigens from eight different filoviruses immobilized on magnetic microspheres to capture antibodies from human serum or plasma (SUDV, BDBV, RESTV, ZEBOV, BOMV, TAFV, MARV and RAVV). The serum or plasma samples are mixed with the antigen-coated microspheres in wells of a 96-well plate and incubated for the antigen-antibody reaction to occur. The antigen-specific antibodies get immobilized on the microspheres, and unbound material is washed away after the incubation. The antigen captured human IgG antibodies are then detected using a Fluorescent Anti-human IgG-phycoerythrin (AHIgG-PE) reporter conjugate. After a final wash to remove the unbound conjugate, the microspheres are resuspended in the buffer and analyzed using Luminex® LX 200™ flow analyzer, or MAGPIX® or FLEXMAP 3D® instruments.

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