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T-COR 8™
BioThreat Alert®
Molecular Biothreat

BioThreat Alert® Reader CX and TX

CX - TC-3008-001
TX - TC-3009-001
  Features of the Tetracore® BioThreat Alert® Reader CX:
  • Cell phone reader capable of storing data on thousands of readings
  • Obtains results in less than 30 seconds
  • Fully functional, ultra-portable Android-based cell phone
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Handheld at 0.6 pounds (270 grams)
  • Dimensions 6.2"x2.8"x1.8" (16x7x5cm)
  • Includes rugged carrying case

Tetracore is the sole supplier of BioThreat Alert® test strips in the US.

Current BioThreat Alert® kits of lateral flow immunoassay test strips

Item Catalog Number Unit
BioThreat Alert® Reader CX TC-3008-001 1/Box
BioThreat Alert® Reader TX TC-3009-001 1/Box
Abrin BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8011-025 25/Box
Anthrax BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8004-025 25/Box
Bot Tox BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8005-025 25/Box
Brucella BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8002-025 25/Box
Orthopox BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8001-025 25/Box
Plague BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8006-025 25/Box
Proficiency BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8007-025 20/Box
Ricin BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8008-025 25/Box
SEB BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8009-025 25/Box
Tularemia BioThreat Alert® Kit TC-8010-025 25/Box
A 25-strip box includes materials for collection of 5 samples. Extra material can be acquired through purchasing the Sample Collection Kit.
Sample Collection Kit TC-8003-025 Bag (for 25 samples)

  Also available: BioThreat Alert® Reader TX


For BioThreat Alert® orders, please contact: sales@tetracore.com

For technical inquiries relating to BioThreat Alert®, please contact:

Tom O'Brien
Email: tobrien@tetracore.com

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